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Made some cute simple birthday cards for my sister and a friend recently.

I like making cards because they’re more personal and cheaper than store bought ones. These ones were pretty quick and free since I already had the supplies. I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. :)

What You’ll Need

-scrapbook paper
-grommets or brads
-paper cutter
-printer, computer, internet


1. Cut your cardstock to the size of your envelopes and fold. (To make folding easier, it’s best to score first. There is a special bone tool for this but honestly I just use a letter opener. I tend to be resourceful that way when I don’t want to buy things…)

2. Find a picture you want on the internet. Black and white outlined pictures work best for vellum. To give them a more handmade look, I searched for sketches of the characters I wanted. When you find what you want, you can put them into a program like MS Word and size them the way you want.

3. I usually test print on normal paper to make sure they are sized okay and then go ahead and print on vellum. Then cut to the size you want.

4. Choose paper you like and cut to mat behind the vellum. I also used the scraps to cut decorative strips for the inside.

5. Take your paper and your vellum and line them up. You can use grommets like I did, which you need a tool for, or you can just poke holes and use brads, which would work well too. 

6. Once your vellum and background paper are together, glue to the front of your envelope. Glue the strips to the inside too and then you’re done!

Happy Crafting!

 - drawing of Duchess done by Foxsnout45 on Deviantart. I couldn’t find a credit for Ludwig though. :(


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i am eating brownie filled chips ahoy

miracles happen

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It’s time to meet the cubs. Disneynature’s Bears is now playing in theaters.

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